Target Engineering has almost 9000 personnel on its rolls which includes UAE, Qatar and Saudi. About 2500 are staff which includes management, engineers and staff. Average length of service is greater than 5 years for both staff and workmen. Company ensures conducive environment for working and encourges continous professional development of its personnel. See details
Construction Plant, Machinery, Equipment and Vehicles
Target Engineering is fully equipped with self owned modern construction plant and equipment. The policy is to purchase necessary equipment as against hire. The huge inventory of construction plant, equipment, machinery and vehicles are supported by a state of the art Plant, Machinery & Vehicles (PMV) workshop, which undertakes preventative maintenance based on actual utilzation of the machines. The PMV department acts as a cost centre and pre-defined competitive charges are levied based on allocation of the plant and equipment to sites. See details
Marine Vessels
The company owns 30+ Marine vessels - dredgers, landing crafts, transportation barges, cranage barges, spud & jack up barges, tug boats, motor boats - all licensed to sail in UAE and Qatar waters. These marine vessels are supported by a central Mussafah based Logistics and Maintenance Support Centre, also acts as loading / offloading, berthing facility due to its long sea frontage. Vessels used in Critical National Infrastructure Authority (CNIA) high security areas are subjected to extensive Petroleum Ports Authority (PPA) vetting requirements over and above the normal maritime requirements. See details
Target Engineering fabrication facilities include workshops in ICAD III, Mussafah, Ghayathi and in Sharjah Hamriyah. Fabrication includes steel structure, piping, process elements & other metal products beside catering to the precast requirements and calibration / warehousing requirements of the projects.. See details
Target Engineering operates camps in Ghayathi / Ruwais, Habshan, Mussafah, and in Shah which comply with the Authority requirements for Labour Residences such as those from the Abu Dhabi and Dubai municipalities, ADNOC for Oil & Gas areas, and ZONES Corporation for those falling under their jurisdiction. Current capacity is for 10,000 personnel with capacity to include more as required based on award of project. See details